Book Shelves #29, 7.15.2012


Book shelves series #29, twenty-ninth Sunday of 2012

Lots of hardbacks on this long, long shelf. The Vonneguts above were particularly important to me when I was young. They were my father’s. I read them surreptitiously for years and then outright appropriated them at some point. The matching Dodd, Mead hardbacks were rescued from a school I worked at for years. My wife made the vase that serves as a bookend. The copy of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell that doesn’t quite fit in the frame remains unread.


The BFG: a classic. I reviewed Wabi Sabi. Next to the Crumb:


I found Holidays in a box of free books in a library lobby. Love it. Here’s this week’s schedule of holidays:


One of my favorite books ever is Mitsou, a book that Balthus did when he was like 10 or 12 or something:


It’s about a young boy who gets a cat and loves the cat and then loses the cat. It’s heartbreaking. Image:


And next to this one:


Shelf’s end:


6 thoughts on “Book Shelves #29, 7.15.2012”

  1. Lovely. I love to look at people’s bookshelves whenever I visit someone. It tells me soooo much about them! I too have a life long relationship with Mr Vonnegut. :)


  2. I can see where some of my books that I had ended up, or shelved, anyway. How many rooms you got anyhow? Keep them coming.


  3. In three of my flats I have roomfuls of hardcover books, mostly first editions of fiction.I like the covers of Lone Ranger series by Frank Striker very much.Also the signed ones by their authors. I still like to see the other people’s bookshelves.


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