Twelve Things I Loved in 2012

4 thoughts on “Twelve Things I Loved in 2012”

  1. Ha! Not sure if it’s a great list—I basically threw it together last night after a few glasses of red. It’s kind of tongue in cheek—12 vids for 12/12/12. Some of the vids are more or less representative of stuff I liked—for example, I don’t necessarily love *Obama* coming out for gay marriage as much as I love the American president doing it + all the 2012 election referendums on gay rights that ended up on the right side this year; I don’t so much love the “Lazuli” vid as much as I love Bloom. Etc.

    There were also things I couldn’t find a video for so didn’t post, like some scenes from season three of Treme (especially the scene in the carnival episode where Baptiste’s middle school band jams with the marines).


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