A Week of Kindness Illustration (Woman with Book and Dragon) — Max Ernst

5 thoughts on “A Week of Kindness Illustration (Woman with Book and Dragon) — Max Ernst”

  1. Am grumbling…wish you sometimes included a little writing about the posts you put up. I’m horribly dim with art and frankly, Wiki doesn’t help. Why is this kindness? Why does the lady keep a dragon in her bedroom? Please help me understand…


  2. Laughing! So basically, you can interpret it anyway you want and not look like an idiot. I’m imagining she’s saying, ‘Christ. Did I really slug that much gin last night?’

    Your turn…


    1. well, I do think there are some clues. I’d guess the dragon is represents some invisible temptation manifested for us to see, and she’s praying to resist it. it may also make more ‘sense’ in the context of ernst’s collage, instead of on its own.


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