PK Dick’s Martian Time-Slip/Kafka regret (Books acquired and not acquired, 12.28.2016)

Two bucks.

Cover art by Darrell Sweet.

Here’s my riff on Philip K. Dick’s Martian Time-Slip.

I regret not picking up this edition of Kafka’s Amerika that same day:


I reviewed Schocken’s latest translation of Amerika (not the one above) on Biblioklept like over eight years ago. I still have the black hardback, but I’d maybe exchange it for this beauty.

3 thoughts on “PK Dick’s Martian Time-Slip/Kafka regret (Books acquired and not acquired, 12.28.2016)”

  1. One of my favorite PKD novels… And although the Darrell K. Sweet cover can’t escape its “young kids on an adventure look” at the least the landscape is rather evocative.


  2. Definitely one of the better PKD novels. I do, however, agree with Joachim above about the cover.
    Of course, when I look at my collection, I notice I have generally critical comments about all PKD’s covers. Until the re-releases came out which were almost blank with a big PKD in the middle.


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