Jack O’ Lanterns 2013



Warm Halloween — Jamie Wyeth

Totoro Jack O’ Lantern Stencil

Do you still need an idea for a jack o’ lantern? Are you a fan of Hayao Miyazaki films? Even the really sweet and gentle ones, like Ponyo and My Neighbor Totoro? And, are you, like, totally skilled at carving pumpkins? If so, have at it with this cool stencil by Flickr user PlayWithFire:

You can see variations on Totoro jack o’ lanterns–and other cool Miyazaki-inspired pumpkins here. From that set, here’s Flickr user C. Lambert’s Totoro pumpkin–

Jack O’ Lanterns 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ghoulish Gourd Harvest
Jack O' Lanterns 2009



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Jack O’ Lanterns 2007

Jack O’ Lanterns 2006

Jack O’ Lanterns 2007

This year’s hellish harvest:


Plenty of cool stencils to be found here, including this Imperial Storm Trooper design that my wife talked me out of attempting (not “Halloweeny” enough):


And, in our sorry tradition of lazy blogging, we still stand by everything we did last year around Halloween:

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Even more lazy blogging/scary shit: