St. Michael and the Dragon — Roderick Mead


St. Michael and the Dragon, 1939 by Roderick Mead (1900-1971)

Bukowski Woodcut — Loren Kantor

Charles Bukowski woodcut by Loren Kantor.

“To hear of a Frenchman eating a frog, is no news; / But to see a butcher stuck by a hog, is strange indeed!”

(From The World turned upside down, or, No news, and strange news (1820) by J. Kendrew. More/via.)

Law & Grace (Fall & Redemption) — Lucas Cranach the Elder

Portrait of Fyodor Dostoevsky — Felix Vallotton

Temptation and Fall — Genesis 3.4-6 (From A Curious Hieroglyphick Bible, 1788)

(From A curious hieroglyphick Bible, or, Select passages in the Old and New Testaments, represented with emblematical figures, for the amusement of youth : designed chiefly to familiarize tender age, in a pleasing and diverting manner, with early ideas of the Holy Scriptures : to which are subjoined, a short account of the lives of the Evangelists, and other pieces / illustrated with nearly five hundred cuts. 1788).

Russian Beauty in a Landscape — Wassily Kandinsky