Charles Olson/Conrad Aiken (Books Acquired, 6.09.2012)


Charles Olson’s Selected Writing (New Directions): In all seriousness, why don’t more publishers go for simple covers like this one? Love it.

A scribbling:


Also, had to pick up something by Conrad Aiken after reading about his influence on Malcolm Lowry:


3 thoughts on “Charles Olson/Conrad Aiken (Books Acquired, 6.09.2012)”

    1. Hi, FH—yeah, I have the outline ready, but it’s difficult coming out—always difficult to review truly excellent books, a problem compounded by the fact that Olson’s truly excellent book is about *the* truly excellent book.

      I also have outlines of reviews for Bolano’s The Secret of Evil, David Markson’s Reader’s Block, and the audio book of Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams.

      But: The end of the summer term is coming up and I have something like 150 papers to grade in the next few weeks, so we’ll see how much gets done on this blog. ..


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