Daikon, Rats, and Carrot — Shotei Takahashi

Daikon, Rats, and Carrot, 1930 by Shotei Takahashi (1871-1945)

Three Peaches — Adriaen Coorte


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Three Peaches on a Stone Ledge with a Painted Lady Butterfly, 1695 by Adriaen Coorte (ca. 1665–1707)

Still Life with Dead Hare and Falcon in a Niche — Dirck de Bray


Still Life with Dead Hare and Falcon in a Niche, 1678 by Dirck de Bray (c. 1635-1694)

Still Life with a Figure — Balthus

Still Life with a Figure 1940 by Balthus (Balthasar Klossowski de Rola) 1908-2001

Still Life with a Figure 1940 by Balthus (1908–2001)

The Window, Chiswick — Mary Potter

The Window, Chiswick 1929 by Mary Potter 1900-1981

Still Life — Francisco Oller


Basket of Fruit — Caravaggio


Fruit, Vegetables, and a Butterfly — Pietro Paolo Bonzi


Flowers with a Garland of Fruit and Flowers — Juan de Espinosa


Still Life with Peppers — Ralph Goings

Pumpkin and Renaissance Box — Claudio Bravo


Jug with Yellow Primroses — Felix Vallotton

Private Conversation — Felix Vallotton

Meal with Bread and Sweetmeats — Georg Flegel

Arranged — Jim Hodges

Hegel’s Happy End — Ged Quinn


Still Life with Globe, Lute, and Books — Gerrit Dou