Emily Carroll’s Ann by the Bed (Book acquired, 12.05.2014)


I was pleasantly surprised when a copy of Emily Carroll’s issue of Frontier came in Friday’s mail. I tried to read it right away but a domestic chore intervened—which ended up working out better, really. I read it in bed by the light of my iPhone’s flashlight, which is exactly as god intended.


Publisher Youth in Decline’s blurb:

Our final issue of 2014 features an eerie and stunning original comic by Emily Carroll titled, “Ann by the Bed.” Experience the dreadful tale of Ann Herron’s bloody murder, and the awful legacy that persists today in Southern Ontario.


Full review forthcoming. Until then, check out Carroll’s excellent comics,“The Prince and the Sea,” and “His Face All Red.”


“The Prince and the Sea” — Em Carroll



Read “The Prince and the Sea,” another beautiful, dark webcomic from Em Carroll (she also did the brilliant tale “His Face All Red”).

“His Face All Red” — Em Carroll

“His Face All Red” is a lovely, disturbing little self-contained webcomic by Em Carroll. Fratricide, an American gothic setting, and a horrifyingly ambiguous conclusion: what’s not to love? Read it here.