Fire Judges — Jean-Pierre Roy

Fire Judges, 2022 by Jean-Pierre Roy (b. 1974)

A Game of Children — Xiao Guo Hui

A Game of Children, 2021 by Xiao Guo Hui (b. 1969)

Interior with a Woman Combing a Little Girl’s Hair — Jacobus Vrel

Interior with a Woman Combing a Little Girl’s Hair, c. 1654-1662 by Jacobus Vrel (active 1654 – 1662)

Milk 0102 — Mu Pan

Milk 0102, 2022 by Mu Pan (b. 1976)

Still Life with Plaster Head and Books — Felice Casorati

Still Life with Plaster Head and Books by Felice Casorati (1883-1963)

Clever Hans — Natalie Frank

Clever Hans, 2013 Natalie Frank (b. 1980)

Hans went into the stable, cut out all the calves’ and sheep’s eyes, and threw them in Grethel’s face. Then Grethel became angry, tore herself loose and ran away, and became the bride of Hans.

“Clever Hans,” The Brothers Grimmd; trans. by George Bell.

The Prophecy — Kent Monkman

The Prophecy, 2021 by Kent Monkman (b. 1965)

Duck — Renée French

The Wizard — Peter Busch

The Wizard, 2020 by Peter Busch (b. 1971)

Snails Across America — Michael Kupperman

A page from Tales Designed to Thrizzle, no. 4, 2008, by Michael Kupperman (b. 1966)

The infant will play near the hole of the cobra and the young child put his hand into the viper’s nest | Basil Wolverton

Illustration for Isaiah 11:8 by Basil Wolverton (1909-1978)

Club Night — George Bellows

Club Night, 1907 by George Bellows (1882-1925)

Merry Christmas to All (Peanuts)

Merry Xmas with T-1 Space Suits — Eduardo Paolozzi

Merry Xmas with T-1 Space Suits (from Bunk), 1972 by Eduardo Paolozzi (1924-2005)

“Christmas on Lipponia” — Moebius

L’Hôtel Sully, Courtyard with Figures — Peter Rose Pulham

L’Hôtel Sully, Courtyard with Figures, c. 1944–5 by Peter Rose Pulham (1910-1956)

To escape the insidious commercial excesses of Christmas (Glen Baxter)