Girlie Show — Edward Hopper



Interior (Model Reading) — Edward Hopper


Don Quixote (Illustration) — Edward Hopper

hopper quixote

Morning Sun — Edward Hopper

Study for Intermission — Edward Hopper


Study for Night Windows — Edward Hopper


Two by Grace Paley (Books Acquired, 3.07.2014)


I’d been wanting to pick up a collection of Grace Paley’s stories for awhile now. I wasn’t sure whether or not to pick up Enormous Changes at the Last Minute or The Little Disturbances of Man, so I just got both. The covers helped convince me, I’ll admit—I’m a sucker for Hopper, and John French Sloan is no slouch either. (I’m tempted here to launch into some vague critique of the covers that books by women get but nah).

I’ve already read most of Enormous Change, ingesting most of the tales while sitting in my car, waiting to pick my kids up after school, which seems like a perfect place to read it. Smart, odd, often sharp, scathing, precise, etc.—great stuff. I’ll try to do a full review but I’ve got a huge backlog. In the meantime, check out “Wants.”

Blue Night — Edward Hopper

Intermission — Edward Hopper

Hotel by a Railroad — Edward Hopper

Two Comedians — Edward Hopper

The Barber Shop — Edward Hopper

Closed (After Hopper’s Nighthawks) — Andy Leipzig


Night-Windows — Edward Hopper

Room in New York — Edward Hopper

Don Quixote on Horseback — Edward Hopper

Don Quixote on Horseback

Two on the Aisle — Edward Hopper