Minotaur Hunt — Nicole Eisenman

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Minotaur Hunt, 1993 by Nicole Eisenman (b. 1965)

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The Labyrinth — Robert Vickrey


The Labyrinth by Robert Vickrey (1926-2011)

Ariadne Watching the Struggle of Theseus with the Minotaur — Henry Fuseli


The Minotaur — Remedios Varo

Theseus — Edward Burne-Jones

Daughter of the Minotaur — Leonora Carrington


Minotaur — William Blake

Shirtless Picasso Dons a Minotaur Mask


Minotaur (Fellini’s Satyricon)

Roland Barthes on the Labyrinth Metaphor

Roland Barthes on labyrinth-as-metaphor. From The Preparation of the Novel

. . . let’s imagine a Labyrinth without a central quid (neither Monster nor Treasure), so one that’s a-centric, which basically means a labyrinth without a final signified  to discover → Now, that might be the Metaphor for Meaning, in that it disappoints → Interpretation (detours, investigations, orientations) like a kind of mortal game, possibly with nothing at the center; here, again, the path would be equivalent to the goal–but only if you manage to get out (Rosenstiehl: the only mathematical problem presented by the labyrinth is how to find a way out). Imagine Theseus not finding the Minotaur at the center and yet sill turning back in the direction of . . . Ariadne, Love, Infidelity, “Life to no avail.”