Occupy Gaddis (A William Gaddis Resource Page)

Why Occupy Gaddis?

 The Gaddis Annotations is, like, the source

Biblioklept reviews J R (part 1)

Biblioklept reviews J R (part 2)

“Trickle-Up Economics: JR Goes to Washington” (1987 sequel to J R)

“Fire the Bastards!”: Jack Green’s wonderful rant against the critics who panned The Recognitions

Biblioklept reviews The Recognitions

William Gaddis fiction-to-music entelechy transducer

Gaddis’s interview with The Paris Review

Julian Schnabel’s Gaddis portrait:

Gaddis interview at The Dalkey Archive

Why did Gaddis write J R?

Biblioklept reviews Agapē Agape

“A well-meaning, sincere hypocrite” : Gaddis on his title character, JR (and capitalism)

“Authenticity’s wiped out” — A passage from Agapē Agape

“Recognizing Gaddis” (1987 NYT article)

William Gaddis’s self-portrait:

William Gaddis on the Pulitzer Prize: “The Ultimate Seal of Mediocrity”

Gaddis on hipsters

“Mr. Difficult” (Jonathan Franzen whines about Gaddis)

William Gaddis on James Joyce

The State of Gaddis

The Guardian review of Agapē Agape

Cynthia Ozick’s review of Carpenter’s Gothic

Gaddis annotates Thomas Bernhard

The failure of Gaddis

LRB review of Agapē Agape/The Rush for Second Place

10 thoughts on “Occupy Gaddis (A William Gaddis Resource Page)”

  1. Now THIS is fabulous! For what it’s worth, The Recognitions is the only novel of its size that I’ve read through twice, with plans simmering on the back burner to read it again. Thank you for this resource.


    1. Kim, williamgaddis.org is so much the prime resource for Gaddis stuff that I consciously left it off the list, although I did link to it a few times on this list (and it undoubtedly led me to some of these sources/ideas in the past)—I even posted the Ozick rev to that site instead of NYT’s archives. It wasn’t meant to be a slight at all, leaving it off—more like a recognition that it’s like, *the* site for Gaddis notes, and anyone searching out Gaddis stuff has likely been there. Although maybe this needs to be clarified for potential Gaddisites. . . .


  2. I’m constantly surprised by the number of people who don’t know about the williamgaddis.org site and those who have not used it while reading or re-reading Gaddis – redundancy is often helpful to ADD types ;)


    1. Well, I added it—You know, I tried to stay away from it for the most part—didn’t want to get too bogged down in reference points—but it’s especially helpful for Recognitions.


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