“They’re called Hüsker Dü. Why are they on our show?”

Rhinoceros — Ulisse Aldrovandi


Watch Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Surreal Western El Topo (Full Film)

Slavoj Žižek Shows Off His Crib, Including His Bookshelves, His Stalin Poster, and His Kitchen Full of Underwear

Monstrous Hog of Landser — Albrecht Durer

Wizards, Ralph Bakshi’s Goofy Post-Apocalyptic Tale of the Struggle for World Supremacy Fought Between the Powers of Technology and Magic (Full Film)

“As the Rat Rises to the Surface, Its Head Becomes the Head of Yew Bee” (Fletcher Hanks)


“They Passed in Review” (Mark Twain Illustration)

Image by Daniel Carter Beard for Twain’s 1897 volume Following the Equator.

Malice in Wonderland — Vince Collins

Roberto Bolaño Crochet Doll

Roberto Bolaño crochet doll by Santo Crochet; via Matt Bucher on Twitter

Maypole Song, Wicker Man

The Head Drifts Toward the Bottom (Fletcher Hanks)


American Christmas Devil: Celebration Bowels, Fat Man Face, Poison Gift Liver, and Stomach Prince