Library — Franz Sedlacek

Library, 1938 by Franz Sedlacek (1891-1945)

Illustration for Frankenstein — Bernie Wrightson


Scrubwoman, Astor Library — John French Sloan


Scrubwoman, Astor Library, 1911 by John French Sloan

“In the reading room of Hell” — Roberto Bolaño


Like the librarians of Babel in Borges’s story (Georges Perec)


From “The Art and Manner of Arranging One’s Books,” collected in Species of Spaces and Other Pieces. English translation by John Surrock.

Library — Franz Sedlacek


From Elves & Fairies — Ida Rentoul Outhwaite


The ideal logotopia (William H. Gass)

In the ideal logotopia, every person would possess his own library and add at least weekly if not daily to it. The walls of each home would seem made of books; wherever one looked one would only see spines; because every real book (as opposed to dictionaries, almanacs, and other compilations) is a mind, an imagination, a consciousness. Together they compose a civilization, or even several. Utopias, however, have the bad habit of hiding in their hearts those schemes for success, those requirements of power, rules concerning conduct, which someone will one day have to carry forward, employ and enforce, in order to achieve them, and afterward, to maintain the continued purity of their Being. Books have taught me what true dominion, what right rule, is: It is like the freely given assent and labor of the reader who will dream the dreams of the deserving page and expect no more fee than the reward of its words.

From William H. Gass’s “Gutenberg’s Triumph: An Essay in Defense of the Book.”

My Father Fallen — Vincent Desiderio

Bookshelf — Jessica Rohrer

Bookshelf_2010_15x11 inches

The Reader — Harold Knight

(c) John Croft; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

“How I classify” — Georges Perec


From Georges Perec’s “Reading: A Socio-Physiological Outline.” Collected in Species of Spaces and Other Pieces.

A Compelling Reason — Felix Vallotton

The Library of the Palais Lanckoronski, Vienna — Rudolf von Alt

The Library in the Palais Dumba — Rudolf von Alt

Taking Stock — Hans Haacke

Library with Grey Sea — Jeremy Miranda

library with grey sea