One Hundred Dogs — Ito Jakuchu


Ishmael Reed . . . and more Pynchon (Books acquired, 5.22.2015)

So I finished my second full reading of Gravity’s Rainbow today. And then I read the last section three more times. And my brain feels fried. I was thinking about rereading V. after this, but I think a break will do nicely. So I picked up Ishmael Reed’s Mumbo Jumbo on Pynchon’s recommendation (“check out Ishmael Reed,” the narrator tells us on page 588 of Gravity’s Rainbow). A stroll through the lit crit section led to my spying (okay, looking for and finding) the 20th Century Views collection on Pynchon. So we’ll see how that reads.

Rotten (Calvin and Hobbes)


Angels of the Apocalypse — Stanley Spencer

“What You Mean I Can’t Irony?” — Ishmael Reed

“What You Mean I Can’t Irony?”
by Ishmael Reed
A high-yellow lawyer woman
told me I ought to go to
Europe to “broaden your per
spective.” This happened at
a black black cocktail party
an oil portrait, Andrew Carnegie,
smiling down

St. Jerome and the Lion — Rogier van der Weyden

The Death of Cain — George Frederick Watts