“IIIIIIIIII.” — Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein
from Geography and Plays (1922)


Clinch, melody, hurry, spoon, special, dumb, cake, forrester. Fine, cane, carpet, incline, spread, gate, light, labor.


Coffee, cough, glass, spoon, white, singing. Choose, selection, visible, lightning, garden, conversation, ink, spending, light space, morning, celebration, invisible, reception, hour, glass, curving, summons, sparkle, suffering the minisection, sanctioning the widening, less than the wireless, more certain. All the change. Any counselling non consuming and split splendor.

Forward and a rapidity and no resemblance no more utterly. Safe light, more safes no more safe for the separation.

M—N H—.

A cook. A cook can see. Pointedly in uniform, exertion in a medium. A cook can see.

Clark which is awful, clark which is shameful, clark and order.

A pin is a plump point and pecking and combined and more much more is in fine.

Rats is, rats is oaken. Robber. Height, age, miles, plaster, pedal, more order.

Bake, a barn has cause and more late oat-cake specially.

Spend rubber, holder and coal, high, careful, in a pointed collar. A hideous south west is always a climb in aged seldom succeeded flavoring untimely, necessity white, hour in a glaze.

Break, sky blue light, obliquely, in a cut carpet, in the pack. A sound.


Press in the ink and stare and cheese. Pick in the faint and feather and white. White in the plume.

M—N H—.

No noon back. No noon settler, no sun in the slant and carpet utterly surrounded.

No pressed plaster. None.

No pressing pan and pan cake. Not related exactly. Not related.

Matter in the center of single sand and slide in the hut.

No account of gibberish. No sky lark utterly.

Perfect lemon and cutting a central black. Not such clouding. A sugar, a lame sugar, certainly. No sobriety no silver ash tray.

M—N H—.

A co existence with hard suckling and spoons, and spoons. A co-existence with orange supper. A last mending. A begging. Should the assault be exterminated, should it.

M—N H—.

A sound is in the best society. It hums and moves, it throws the hat in no way away and in no way particularly at paving. The meanness is a selection of parts and all of that is no more a handkerchief merely and large.


The exchange which is fanciful and righteous and mingled is in the author mostly in the piece.


A unity is the meantime in a union. A branch case is exactly so anxious and avoided and even then is it in place of blunders, is it in the piece that makes hesitation clear.

The youth and the check board and the all color minutely, this and the chance of the bright flours inward is not in a glance. A check is an instance and more more is indwelling.


In the unconcise word that is ministered and in the blame extraordinarily the center the whole center is coupled. This is choice.

M—N H—.

Hunger is not hurry and a silence and no more than ever, it is not so exactly and the word used is there.

T—S WH—.

A cut in trusts and in black colors which are not carpets not at all likely carpets and no sucking in substance of the sacking placed only in air outside. This makes a change precious and not odd not odd in place of more use. Not odd in the meaning rapidly.

M—N H—.

The soon estate and established alternately has bright soldiers and peaceable in the rest of the stretch.

J—S B—E.

A regular walking ground is that which shows peeping and soft places between mush and this is most moist in the settled summer. So much wet does gleam and the shutters all the shutters are sober. A piece of cut grass is dangerous dangerous to smelling and to all most.


A dark ground is not colored black mostly and dirtily securely and much exchange is much with a sight and so much to sponge in with speeches to whittle.

J—E B—E.

A tight laundry that is piece meal is in the best astounding. Between, in, on the beside, and no more origin, more in the weed blessed.

M—N H—.

Point, face, canvas, toy, struck off, sense or, weigh coach, soon beak on, so suck in, and an iron.


Point a rose, see a soil, see a saddle, see a monk tree, see a sand tree, trust a cold bit of pickle usefully in an oration.

See the meadow in a meadow light.

The blame is necessarily an interruption perpendicularly.


The seam in between is fenceless.


The seam in most tight legs are looser and not secure politely.


The separation is a sight.


Chocolate is alarming in old places, chocolate is thunder.

Joining jerked sour green grass is yesterday and tomorrow and alternately.


Kindness is necessary and a spilled iron loan. The best choice is a sucked place readily and much any within the cut spilling.


Jacket in buds and in glasses, jackets entirely in collision.

A triangle is worried with recollected socks and examples.

Peace is in.

No spilling and an argument, no spilling and no spilling is beckoned. A shout is particular.


An heroic countenance justly named and special, special and contained and in eagle.

A mark and a window glass and a splendid chew, altogether a singer.


Secret in a season makes the pining wetter. So much hooding, so best to saw into right pieces the clang and the hush. The held up ocean, the eaten pan that has no cut cake, the same only different clover is the best, is the best.


Caution, caution all, caution the cloud and the oats and the beagle and the clearing and the happy dent and the widow soaking and the climb and the correction.

M—N. H—.

Shut the chamber in the door, so well and so weak and so buttered. Shut the chest out, do not shut it in.


Crime, crime is that way to charge safely, crime is a tooth-pick. It is. It has a credit. Any old stick that has a choking in the way that there is leather shows a mean spirit.

An eye glass, a yellow and neck lace person, a special way to date something, any pleasing register means no readily replaced mice.


A set cold egg, a set in together is lively.


A barked out sunshine, a better way to arrange Monday, a cloud of neglected Thursdays, all these are together somehow.


A white wedding cake means a white thing and so no more left in the bottle, no more water grows.

A very likely told place is that which is not best mentioned, not the very best.

The incline is in classes in coats in whole classes puzzling peculiarly.

The best way to put it all in is a bite, it is so in every way especially.


Cunning, very cunning. Cute, very cute, critical, not only very critical, critical, critical.


Climbing into the most high piece of prepared furniture is no collection. It is part of the winding old glass.

M—N H—.

A sun in shine, and a so and a so helped angle is the same as the whole right.


It is not for nothing that the row placed quantity without grinding. Furnishing is something, individual is pointed. Beetles, only aged sounds are hot, a can in ease and a sponge full, a can in case and a wax well come, a can, a single hole, a wild suggesting wood, a half carpet and a pillow, a pillow increasing, a shirt in a cloud, a dirty distress, a thing grey, a thing thin, a long shout, a wonder, an over piece of cool oil, a sugar can, a shut open accident, a result in a feat, a copper, any copper. A cape coat, in bold shutters, in bold shutters shutting and not changing shutters not changing climaxes and feelings and hold over the switch, the binding of a pet and a revolver, the chosen loan, the owned cake in pieces, the way to swim.


A language in a bath and in a dressing gown to a precision and a likely union and a single persian and a pressing quite not colored and a gloom not a gloom, and a pin all the same, and a pin not to share and a pin with a stone.


A sudden plunge into a forest and a sudden reserve in a cup of water coldly and a dark sunshine and a squeeze, a length in all.

T—S WH—.

A kind of cataract is a hopeless stroke.


A choked part of a loud sound in an old piece of glass is happening, it is solid and all that and not by any means noisy. The best way is just to stay any way and to think. The best way is always lively by a kind of a hoarse whisper. A shutter is only light when there is a joke. This is no use.


A birthday cake is in the morning when there is no use in sleeping. Supposing there is time at nine, the less often there is seven the more use there is in lending a joke. Any nice way to remain is longer than was necessary and the temptation the real temptation never happens, there is a cut away and there is a kind of a mellow cheese that has just begun.

Climbing in and climbing are the ways to change and the only hope is what is there, when it is not a difference between all of it every time.

J—S B—E.

A countenance and order and a bite, really a bit and care and receiving and a vacation and a long half mounted hat box and more silver and more in silver in some and the buttons in a hat and a mild market and goats and not coats Thursday and all health and heels in front grasses and light corn cropping, all this is a toiler and much breading and a kind of a cover is the kind unoccurringly.


A wild waist and a simple jerk and bloom and best to come in a way, hut, heart, hide, have, within, a study, hard in, all which, black busts, coal car, gold nose, white wood, curly seize, half in, all which, best plant, cold carpet, in the glass.


Why are stains silky and old pieces ruddy and colored angels way built. Why are knuckles calmer and pins chunks and bold in heats frightened. Why are the savage stern and old age coming. Why are the best old seem culpable and a decision, decisive.


Enthusiasm, prudence, cold heart and elegant example, a winding alley and a stair case center, a complete poison slip.


A clatter of curious pin cushions softly gathered by the pan that comes.

Wide in the street makes the double engagement stutter, a lean in the roll, a lean in it.

A lean in when and all came but when it was for and the hindrance and it.

A residence.


Be advised that really no insolence is in the bicycle shop. Be advised by it.

Be advised that no belgian is strong, be wonderful.

Bet use that come in.


An occasion to sell all cables all towels and all that is what is met, is not met.

A cold hash that means saw dust and hot enough, hot enough heating.

Not cutting furiously.

A single speech is in it, a soil. A single speech. A ham. A cold. A collusion. A count. A cowslip. A tune ditch. A well king. A house to let. A cut out.


A shudder makes a shake. A bit of green breeze makes a whole green breeze and a breeze is in between. A breeze is canvassed by a week wet and all sold, anything dwelling, in the mist. All the whole steer, all of it.


Best to shut in broken cows with mud and splinters and little pieces of gain and more steel doors a better aches and a spine and a cool school and shouting, early mounting and a best passion and a bliss and a bliss and a bliss. No wide coal gas.

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