The second part of an interview with the editors of William T. Vollmann: A Critical Companion, Christopher K. Coffman and Daniel Lukes

Derek Pyle Discusses Waywords and Meansigns, an Unabridged Musical Adaptation of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake

An Interview with Christopher K. Coffman and Daniel Lukes, Editors of William T. Vollmann: A Critical Companion (Part I)

“The Absence of Any Purpose Is the Starting Point for My Work” | An Interview with Roman Muradov

Bob Schofield Discusses The Inevitable June and His Sad-Cartoon-Apocalypse Aesthetic

Kevin Thomas Discusses His Illustrated Book Reviews, Horn!

“The Central Energy of a Piece Comes from the Sentences” | Jessica Hollander Interviewed

“We Need Cruel Comedy” | A Lars Iyer Interview

“Latin Americans have become contemporaries with the rest of the world” | A Conversation with Ilan Stavans (Part 2)

An Interview with Jason Schwartz

“I Wasn’t Writing A Novel” | S.D. Chrostowska Interviewed

“Physical books should be sublime, digital books should be free” |Haute Culture Publisher Luis de Miranda Interviewed

“The Already Wildly Implausible Real We’re All Struggling to Absorb” | Carl Shuker Talks to Biblioklept About His Novel Anti Lebanon

Josh Melrod Talks to Biblioklept About His Documentary, Cartoon College

Marshall Brooks Talks to Biblioklept About Microlibraries, Indie Publishing, and His New Book, Paperback Island

“You have all of a sudden seen the color of existence under a new light” | A Conversation with Ilan Stavans (Part 1)

An Interview with Evan Lavender-Smith

Michael Kimball Talks to Biblioklept About Writing Life Stories on Postcards

“Making Pictures Is How I Talk to the World” — Dmitry Samarov Talks to Biblioklept About His Art and Writing

William Beutler Talks with Biblioklept About Mapping David Foster Wallace’s Novel Infinite Jest

Historian Willard Sterne Randall Talks to Biblioklept About His New Biography of Ethan Allen

Steve Kemper Talks to Biblioklept About A Labyrinth of Kingdoms, His New Book About Explorer Heinrich Barth

Josh Henkin Talks to Biblioklept About His New Novel, The World Without You

Matt Bell Talks with Biblioklept About Apocalypse, Hairy Infants, Cures for Writer’s Block, and His New Book Cataclysm Baby

Matt Mullins Talks to Biblioklept About His New Collection, Three Ways of the Saw

George Boorujy Talks to Biblioklept About Painting Animals and People, His New Show Blood Memory, and Throwing Bottled Drawings into New York Waterways

Biblioklept Interviews Stuart Kendall About His New Translation of Gilgamesh, Altered States of Consciousness, and Terrence Malick

Biblioklept Talks to Poet Bobbi Lurie About Her New Collection, Grief Suite

Biblioklept Talks to Daniel Nayeri About Capturing Voice, Being a YA Gatekeeper, and Writing His Novella Quartet on an iPhone

“It Might Be a Week or a Year for the Right Head to Show Up” — Biblioklept Talks to Click Mort About His Wonderful, Surreal Sculptures

“Novels Are Fantasies of Powerlessness and Power” — Biblioklept Talks to Adam Novy About His Novel The Avian Gospels

“I’m One of Those Writers Who Gropes Her Way into a Story” — Biblioklept Interviews Joan Leegant About Her Novel Wherever You Go

Biblioklept Interviews Novelist Lars Iyer

Biblioklept Interviews Novelist Ed Lynskey About Appalachian Crime Noir and His New Novel Lake Charles

Biblioklept Interviews Camelia Elias, Editor-in-Chief of EyeCorner Press

Biblioklept Interviews Filmmaker Paul Festa

Biblioklept Interviews Steve Hendricks About Torture, Extraordinary Rendition, Liberal Complacency, and His New Book A Kidnapping in Milan

Biblioklept Interviews Mahendra Singh About Fitting Lewis Carroll into a Protosurrealist Straitjacket with Matching Dada Cufflinks

Biblioklept Interviews Adam Langer about His New Book, The Thieves of Manhattan

Biblioklept Interviews Michael Wiley about His New Book, The Bad Kitty Lounge

Biblioklept Interviews Keri Walsh about Her New Book, The Letters of Sylvia Beach

Biblioklept Interviews Librarian Josh Jubinsky about the Jacksonville Public Library’s Zine Collection

Biblioklept Interviews Melville House’s Dennis Johnson

The Biblioklept Interview: Eddie de Oliveira

The Biblioklept Interview: Mathias Freese

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