Derrida (2002 Documentary)

8 thoughts on “Derrida (2002 Documentary)”

  1. i actually searched once, when i was thinking of buying it, to see if biblioklept ever reviewed HOL. didn’t get any results.


    1. I’ve never read H of Leaves, although I browsed it in the bookstore after some recommendations. It seems like a divisive book—one people either love or hate. When I browsed it it seemed fairly, I dunno, gimmicky, but again, I didn’t read it (although I wasn’t compelled to buy it).

      While I’m commenting, I think that this movie is waaaaay too gimmicky—although it has lots of great shots of Derrida talking, which is probably its greatest worth. I think that the filmmakers should’ve relaxed a bit and not tried so hard to use deconstructive techniques, I suppose. It sort of smacks of bad grad school work at times. Still, the film works when they manage to ask D an interesting question.


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