Robert Hughes Slags Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol

3 thoughts on “Robert Hughes Slags Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol”

  1. I really like Hughes, but I always thought it cheap (esp. for a critic of his stature) to consider the art through the people who own it. He knew it was pot-shots. But, again, I think he was great. His American art series–ten or so episodes–for PBS is canonical.


    1. I’m actually a fan of Warhol (and his workshop elves, although really, artists have always had workshop elves), but I think this interrogation is wonderful to watch, if a bit underhanded.


  2. ‘I see’, said the shadow to the reflection. ‘You’re blocking my view’, said the sun to the object. I saw nothing underhanded in this interview. He asked honest questions of introspection of a man whose taste manifests reflections of his inner life. That the man said nothing, not really, was the answer to Hughes game. And Hughes was honest in his opinions. I like Warhol’s art, too, but his art is more humdrum than heroic. As Jimmy Morrison said to his band at a party at The Factory, ‘let’s get out of here, these people are vampires’. And they were. Shells looking for authenticity. ‘Heroin’ was the song of manhood. I remember seeing Warhol before he was famous trying to disappear in a bar. Art technique via translucent perceptions. I do not believe people who think that they do not exist.


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