D’Angelo Barksdale Breaks Down The Great Gatsby (The Wire)

1 thought on “D’Angelo Barksdale Breaks Down The Great Gatsby (The Wire)”

  1. I have never read ‘Gatsby’, so it is easy for me to have opinions. Mostly about what others have said about the work. I strove to remain in ignorance about the story until I saw the movie premiering one of these days and then read the book if the story interested me. Watching this clip filled in the detail that was missing from the opinions of others why Gatsby inspires such passionate readership. I had formed an image of a spoiled rich brat philosophizing about the meaning of it all. As in, ‘…the Prince and the Princess discuss what is real and what is not…’. Apparently from this clip and a few other ‘leaks’ of information, the work contains much more than a fabulous Jazz age script for a modern romance movie period piece. Is Gatsby an allegory of the great American success story and the travails of the Grosse Nouveau, such as is evident in today’s hyper world. Is this what the story seems? The loneliness of the wealthy? Or is it just another ‘the wages of sin’ morality tale? Or is the inspiration it gives people to wax poetic in the writing craft and Fitzgerald’s ‘a way with words’?


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