For Kate — Kurt Schwitters

2 thoughts on “For Kate — Kurt Schwitters”

  1. Lars Fiske’s graphic novel/biography _Herr Merz_ was my introduction to Schwitters’ work, quickly followed by listening to some recordings of the ur-sonata etc online. What an utterly compelling artist he was. I must see some of his work some day. Shame a lot of his larger works has been destroyed.

    I cannot find signs that an English translation of the book is available; though it was originally parceled out as a feuilleton in a series of books called “Kanon” that he did with Steffan Kverneland, it’s also been released as a stand-alone volume in Norway. Kverneland’s primary story in the books was a biography of Munch, which is also well worth seeking out. Though, again, I cannot find traces of an Englished edition.

    Hrm, actually I do find some traces of English translations online, so I might be wrong, I just can’t seem to find an actual volume of them. See, for instance, the images on this page: or just do a Google image search for “fiske merz.”


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