Don DeLillo: The Word, the Image, the Gun (Documentary)

Watch A Day in the Afterlife, a 1994 documentary about Philip K. Dick

Watch Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr in Son of Dracula (or don’t, it’s pretty terrible)

Pasolini’s Decameron

Ken Russell’s film Savage Messiah



Watch Guilty as Charged, a documentary about Harry Crews

Heaven and Earth Magic

Watch a film about Thomas Pynchon, A Journey into the Mind of P

This 2002 documentary by Donatello Dubini and Fosco Dubini is kind of a mess, but it’s a fun mess. Interviews with old friends, like Jules Siegel, superfans and webdudes, and critics (George Plimpton shows up a few times), are interspliced with a lot of stock footage. The Residents’ fantastic pop appropriations from The Third Reich Rock n’ Roll help to stitch the movie together. The film occasionally indulges in a kind of obvious paranoid rambling, and the last section, detailing an attempt to photograph Thomas Pynchon (you remember that silly CNN report?) is not nearly as interesting as  Allen Rush or other Pynchonians riff. Sort of a for completists only deal.

Grass Labyrinth, a short film by Shuji Terayama

Watch The Lives of Brian, A Documentary About Flann O’Brien