“Prefiguration of Lalo Cura” — Roberto Bolaño

The New Yorker has published another short story by Roberto Bolaño. It’s called “Prefiguration of Lalo Cura” and it backgrounds a character from 2666, Olegario Cura Exposito (page 384, if you want to correlate things). The first paragraph:

It’s hard to believe, but I was born in a neighborhood called Los Empalados: The Impaled. The name glows like the moon. The name opens a way through the dream with its horn, and man follows that path. A quaking path. Invariably harsh. The path that leads into or out of Hell. That’s what it all comes down to. Getting closer to Hell or farther away. Me, for example, I’ve had people killed. I’ve given the best birthday presents. I’ve backed projects of epic proportions. I’ve opened my eyes in the dark. Once, I opened them by slow degrees in total darkness, and all I saw or imagined was that name: Los Empalados, shining like the star of destiny

6 thoughts on ““Prefiguration of Lalo Cura” — Roberto Bolaño”

  1. I think that when 2666 goes in to the background information about Lalo Cura, which is conflicting with the backgroud given in the above mentioned story, there is a clear allusion to the savage detectives. It says he was concieved in 1976, in the desert by two men fleeing from something and living out of thier car. Surely, Beleno or Lima is the father of Cura.


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