(An Incomplete List of) Writers Who Died in 2010

J. D. Salinger, 91, American author

Howard Zinn, 87, American historian

Barry Hannah, 67, American novelist and short story writer

David Markson, 82, American writer

Harvey Pekar, 70, American comic book writer (American Splendor)

Tuli Kupferberg, 86, American poet, cartoonist and musician (The Fugs)

David Mills, 48, American author, journalist and television writer (NYPD BlueThe CornerKingpin)

Dick Giordano, 77, American comic book artist and editor (BatmanGreen Lantern)

José Saramago, 87, Portuguese novelist, playwright and journalist, Nobel Prize winner for literature

Lucille Clifton, 73, American poet (Blessing the Boats), Poet Laureate of Maryland

Robert Dana, 80, American poet, Iowa poet laureate

Rajendra Keshavlal Shah, 96, Indian poet

Tibet, 78, French comics artist

Mary Daly, 81, American radical feminist philosopher

Knox Burger, 87, American editor, writer, and literary agent

George Leonard, 86, American writer, editor and educator, pioneer of the Human Potential Movement

Robert B. Parker, 77, American detective writer

Laura Chapman Hruska, 74, American writer, co-founder and editor in chief of Soho Press

Stephen Morse, 65, American poet

P. K. Page, 93, Canadian poet

Bingo Gazingo, 85, American performance poet

Kage Baker, 57, American science fiction and fantasy author

Ralph McInerny, 80, American philosopher (University of Notre Dame) and mystery author

Erich Segal, 72, American professor, author (Love Story), and screenwriter (Yellow Submarine)

Carlos Montemayor, 62, Mexican writer

Violet Barclay, 87, American comic book artist

David Severn, 91, British author

Colin Ward, 85, British anarchist writer

William Tenn, 89, American science fiction writer

Liz Carpenter, 89, American feminist author, press secretary to Lady Bird Johnson (1963–1969)

John Eric Holmes, 80, American science fiction and fantasy author

Ai Ogawa, 62, American poet, breast cancer

Patricia Wrightson, 88, Australian children’s writer

Matilde Elena López, 91, Salvadoran poet, essayist and playwright

Elena Schwarz, 61, Russian poet

Ella Mae Johnson, 106, American social worker and author

Miguel Delibes, 89, Spanish author, journalist and scholar

Sid Fleischman, 90, American children’s writer

Bill DuBay, 62, American comic book editor, writer, and artist

Henry Scarpelli, 79, American comic book artist (Archie)

Alan Sillitoe, 82, British writer (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning)

Jan Balabán, 49, Czech writer, recipient of the Magnesia Litera award

William Neill, 88, British poet

Carolyn Rodgers, 69, American poet

Peter Orlovsky, 76, American poet

Leslie Scalapino, 65, American poet, publisher and playwright

Peter Seaton, 67, American poet

Judson Crews, 92, American poet

Hoàng Cầm, 88, Vietnamese poet and playwright

Donald Windham, 89, American novelist

Bree O’Mara, 42, South African novelist

Robert Tralins, 84, American author

Ruth Chew, 90, American children’s author

Randolph Stow, 74, Australian writer

Arthur Herzog, 83, American writer

Peter O’Donnell, 90, British writer

T. M. Aluko, 91, Nigerian writer

Kovilan, 86, Indian novelist

F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, 62, Welsh science fiction author

Allen Hoey, 57, American poet

José Albi, 88, Spanish poet

Andrei Voznesensky, 77, Russian poet and writer

Vladimír Bystrov, 74, Czech writer and translator

Suso Cecchi d’Amico, 96, Italian screenwriter (Bicycle Thieves)

Tom Mankiewicz, 68, American screenwriter (James BondSuperman)

Iris Gower, 75, Welsh novelist

Jon Cleary, 92, Australian novelist (The SundownersHigh Road to China)

James P. Hogan, 69, British science fiction author

Michèle Causse, 74, French lesbian theorist, author and translator

Vance Bourjaily, 87, American novelist

Patrick Cauvin, 77, French novelist

Sir Frank Kermode, 90, British literary critic and writer

Ludvík Kundera, 90, Czech writer and translator

George Hitchcock, 96, American poet and publisher

Jennifer Rardin, 45, American author

Edwin Charles Tubb, 90, British science fiction author

Micky Burn, 97, British writer and poet

Belva Plain, 95, American novelist (Evergreen)

Bärbel Mohr, 46, German author

George Cain, 66, American author

Claire Rayner, 79, British author

Alí Chumacero, 92, Mexican writer and poet

Monica Johnson, 54, American novelist and screenwriter (Lost in America, Modern Romance)

Philip Carlo, 61, American crime author

Adrian Păunescu, 67, Romanian author, poet and politician

Dmitry Gorchev, 47, Russian writer

Richard Stanley “Dick” Francis, 79, a British jockey who later wrote crime novels about horse racing

7 thoughts on “(An Incomplete List of) Writers Who Died in 2010”

  1. Please add Dick (Richard Stanley “Dick”) Francis. He was 79 when he died. Mr. Francis was a British jockey who later wrote crime novels about horse racing.


  2. News: Howl’s Moving Castle’s Diana Wynne Jones Passes Away
    posted on 2011-03-26 18:01 EDT
    Author of books for children & adults, including inspiration for Miyazaki & Ghibli’s Oscar-nominated 2004 film
    The official fan site of British author Diana Wynne Jones announced that Jones passed away on March 26 after a long struggle with cancer. She was 76. Jones wrote over 40 books and plays for both children and adults, and director Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli adapted one of the books, Howl’s Moving Castle, into an Oscar-nominated anime film in 2004.

    Jones was born in London in August of 1934, and she began studying at St. Anne’s College in the University of Oxford in 1953. She met her future husband, John A. Burrow, at Oxford, and the two married in 1956.

    Jones published her first novel, Changeover, in 1970, and she followed that with her first children’s novel, Wilkins’ Tooth (Witch’s Business in North America), in 1973. She published Howl’s Moving Castle in 1986 and continued the story with Castle in the Air (1990) and House of Many Ways (2008). Her other books include the Dalemark Quartet, the Chrestomanci Cycle, and The Tough Guide to Fantasyland (1996). She received the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement in 2007.

    Jones is survived by her husband and three sons.

    Thanks to Ty for the news tip.


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