Tab. CXI (Strange Babies) — Albertus Seba

6 thoughts on “Tab. CXI (Strange Babies) — Albertus Seba”

  1. At last, one that I do NOT like. There have been some “meh”‘s, but mostly likes. All have been informative, though. Now I’ll have a nightmare.


    1. Perhaps its purpose is to be creepy. Maybe its purpose is hidden in its creepiness. Maybe it is just creepy and purposeless. Not my idea of nouveau gourmet. I’ll have to hang another dream catcher to block this one. Fortunately, the subjects are dead life rather than still life, so I won’t have to sleep with garlic tied around my neck.


    1. That’s the general idea of creepiness – it is supposed to be repulsive. But, I imagine the engraving was done more as an artistic exercise while illustrating science.

      The feeling comes from the fear that we are attracted to it – to be amateur Freudian. All that fermented dark musty stuff lurking under the stairs in the basement of our mind because in order to remain sane we have to keep our attention on the things of life going on upstairs. Is anyone conscious of that delicious food we just swallowed turning into poop that we’d rather not discuss or touch. Stinky, yuk!

      Time to go sit outside the filling station and eat a nutter buddy.


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