Clarice Lispector/Malcolm Braly (Books Acquired 6.22.2012)


It’s a sickness. Should I explain that the bookstore is like 1.1 miles from my house? And that it holds somewhere between one and two million books? (No exaggeration). That it’s like three or four buildings  cobbled together in snaking passages, all said passages lined by books? It’s also like .2 miles from the grocery store I/we usually shop at. Which I had to go by to get mozzarella. For make your own pizza night. But of course, I had to stop off and browse. (Is it weird I set the timer on my iPhone? Gave myself 17 minutes?).

Anyway. Picked up these two.

The Lispector comes via recommendation of Scott Esposito, although this New Directions edition is not the latest translation, but, I dunno. It’s short. The Braly, well, I’d never heard of it, honestly, but it’s an NYRB edition, and the spines of those books always standout, and Lethem introduces it, and even though I haven’t liked Lethem’s last few books, well, he’s still a tastemaker par excellence, and Kurt Vonnegut blurbs it on the back, calling it, “Surely the great American prison novel.” And I just finished “The Part About the Crimes” in 2666 (yet again, more on that to come) and maybe a prison novel seems especially intriguing.

6 thoughts on “Clarice Lispector/Malcolm Braly (Books Acquired 6.22.2012)”

  1. I cannot recommend Lispector’s Hour of the Star enough … it is one of the most comical, unsentimental expositions of the human condition I’ve ever read. As one ages, the literary enthusiasms of one’s youth fade but Lispector always works for me … Lispector, Savinio and Cervantes—the Mediterranean trinity!
    There’s a film version also, worth watching.


  2. What bookstore is this? Sometimes I’m incredibly thankful that all I have near me is a very small, and somewhat limited, used store.


  3. have you been able to figure out their criteria for what books they’ll take for trade? I still have no idea. I do know that for every 10 bucks in credit I get, I end up spending another 10.
    Today I heard someone ask “do you work here”? and the kid by the counter says “no, I’m an intern”.


    1. Hahah! The kid—I think I know this kid. He was wearing a Lebowski shirt one day; the next time I saw him it was a Misfits shirt. But he’s like 12 or 13. Wears all black. I think he’s someone’s kid who works there who is staying out of trouble for the summer and maybe earning a few bucks.

      They like pristine condition stuff for trade—-like new / brand new copies. I usually get somewhere between 3-4 bucks per newish trade paperbacks. Any discoloration or tears in the cover or a busted spine is no bueno.


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