RIP Tony Scott

RIP Tony Scott, 1944-2012

British filmmaker Tony Scott committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge in San Pedro, California yesterday. He was 68.

Scott’s films were rarely critical favorites, although they were generally big hits. Scott’s films share, for the most part, a frenetic energy and a highly stylized visual flair.

His biggest hit was probably Top Gun, although he was also the man responsible for Beverly Hills Cop 2Enemy of the StateDays of ThunderThe Last Boy Scout, and Crimson Tide.

My favorite Tony Scott film is True Romance, which I sneaked into a theater to see in ninth grade, and which changed my life to a small degree. Quentin Tarantino penned True Romance, and I think Scott was at his best with an offbeat writer, as when he worked with Richard Kelly on the very weird and unfairly maligned film Domino, which I’ve always loved.

Tony Scott is brother to Ridley Scott. For years I’ve had a game with a friend about the two, a game where I stick up for Tony, insist Tony is the real talent in the Scott family.

His suicide makes me unduly sad.

1 thought on “RIP Tony Scott”

  1. Spy Games is phenomenal. I was surprised at how much I liked it the first time I saw it, and each time since I worry I will find I was mistaken, but damn is it good.


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