See The Corner, David Simon’s Dress Rehearsal for The Wire


2 thoughts on “See The Corner, David Simon’s Dress Rehearsal for The Wire”

  1. […] This six-episode HBO miniseries (buy online here)  came adapted from The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood, a book Simon wrote with Ed Burns, a former Baltimore homicide detective and future Wire collaborator. Originally airing in 2000, The Corner had a specific corner in mind: West Fayette Street and North Monroe Street, where the avenues of drugs and poverty, two of Simon’s abiding interests, meet at an unusually robust intersection. Though not unheralded at the time—a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries came its way—The Corner has found itself surpassed in the collective televisual mind, if understandably, by its successor. While you must see the almost hubristically ambitious scope of The Wire to believe it, The Corner‘s narrower focus on drugs and their effects on working-class urban families makes for valuable supplementary viewing. Watch the first episode above, and the rest collected at Biblioklept. […]


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