The Goblin — William Blake

6 thoughts on “The Goblin — William Blake”

      1. I am only familiar with him through Jarmusch’s Dead Man but I am intrigued to learn that he was more than a poet. The work above is awesome. I am deeply engrossed in its evocation of ghostly rapture! Such a phantasmagoric scene! Ah!, I love it! About this particular work, since you perceive a strong connection between his poetry and his paintings, does it call to mind any particular (if not many) poem(s) for you? The lines of his poetry that are quoted by the character of Nobody in the Jarmusch film should have been enough to bring me deeper into his work but, alas!, I simply haven’t taken much more than a peep into that treasure chest. Recommendations?


        1. Dead Man is probably my favorite Jarmusch film.

          For the Goblin text/notes, see —- this is from one of Blake’s Milton illuminations.

          Blake’s signature work (and a good starting place) is probably Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience ( — these are plates, etchings, that combine his poems and art. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is also a good place to start.


          1. Awesome! I will follow those links and embark upon the work of William Blake now.

            As for the films of Jarmusch–which I love so much–, Dead Man is probably my favorite too. Have you read Jonathan Rosenbaum’s book on the movie? Rather insightful analysis.


  1. ” seen thro the Cottage where “She” lays / in Bed “pinchd & pulld” by Fairies as they dance /on the Bed the Cieling & the Floor & a Ghost / pulls the Bed Clothes at her Feet. ” — my favorite part of the painting!


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