Slavoj Žižek on Starbucks

10 thoughts on “Slavoj Žižek on Starbucks”

      1. Lucid is not a word I would use with Zizek. In a proletarian communard nation, if one could leave the dormitory for a change, and go to the canteen, would the cups just be plain with no smiley face. And that somehow this makes killing trees moral? I get his point, but the problem is not the profit motive, but the artifacts produced that are so destructive of the ecology. His observations are obvious and offer no conclusion as to a way out of our trash heap. Reality is not based on symbolism, rather the other way around. If he had moral objections to the overly-hyped brew a la ‘Charbucks’, and all that bourgeois ‘purity’ of purpose, then he would be saying some thing rather than just signifying as on a guided tour with commentary. He needs to do something about his nasal hairs. Or his pharmacological protocol. It kind of shows and tells with his thought patterns. I thought he made some distinct associations with Ode to Joy, which may have ruined it as a piece for me. But then the bad guys like fine wine and stinky cheese, too. Now, if he had lit into Wagner’s screechy violins, I would say three cheers.


        1. What I like most about this guy is that he isn’t trying to offer a solution, a “way out.” His whole deal is offering (admittedly often clownish/entertaining) descriptions. He’s a describer, not a prescriber. I love that.


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