Mystery box (Books acquired, 17 May 2023)

One of my oldest friends (by which I mean friend I’ve had for a long time, not, like, old, although we’re both getting up there, although by no means old, but I suppose certainly definitely no longer youngmiddleaged, I guess, although when we were young we would have thought ourselves now (middleaged) old)

—one of my oldest friends Patrick sent me a mystery box of books earlier this week. Highlights include The Evergreen Review Reader (begins with William S. Burroughs and ends with Kathy Acker, two writers Patrick introduced me to way back in seventh or eighth grade), a graphic history of the Beats by Harvey Pekar et al, and a signed copy of Ronald Sukenick’s Long Talking Bad Condition Blues. Thanks PT!

1 thought on “Mystery box (Books acquired, 17 May 2023)”

  1. That Harvey Pekar, Ed Piskor joint should be good. I need to check it out myself. If you’ve never watched Cartoonist Kayfabe, I highly recommend it. Piskor and Jim Rugg are excellent.


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