New Cormac McCarthy Interview


There’s a very cool new interview with Cormac McCarthy, published yesterday at The Wall Street Journal, of all places. McCarthy speaks frankly about the movie adaptations of his work, including John Hillcoat’s upcoming (and long-delayed) adaptation of The Road. He also proffers this nugget, explaining why he prefers novels to short fiction: “Anything that doesn’t take years of your life and drive you to suicide hardly seems worth doing.” Sure. McCarthy also talks about the book he’s writing now: “It’s mostly set in New Orleans around 1980. It has to do with a brother and sister. When the book opens she’s already committed suicide, and it’s about how he deals with it. She’s an interesting girl.” But why are you still here? Go read the interview.

4 thoughts on “New Cormac McCarthy Interview”

  1. I didn’t realize the director of the adaptation of McCarthy’s “The Road” is also the same guy who did Nick Cave’s “The Proposition.” I’m even more inclined to see it now.

    Did you see “The Proposition”?


  2. Yeah, I thought The Proposition was a fantastic film, dark and gritty without trying too hard, with a great story. Nick Cave also did the music for The Road. I think the studio is really worried about it being a flop; they should’ve just put it out last year.


  3. It doesn’t make sense that the studio would sit on that film. It’s not going to be a blockbuster, so why not just release it? If it makes $1 million more than it cost to make & promote it then it’s a victory.


  4. i think the weinstein company was on the brink of financial collapse; i know that inglourious basterds being a big hit was a big deal for them. i think the road was meant to be a “prestige” slow burn kind of a film. but yeah, i think it poisons a film to delay it for over a year. i’m looking forward to seeing it either way.


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