Book Shelves #12, 3.18.2012


Book shelves series #12, twelfth Sunday of 2012.

The shelf holds literature in translation: Witold Gombrowicz, Heinrich Böll, W.G. Sebald, Julio Cortázar, and Roberto Bolaño. There was a geode bookend here until Thursday, when I reorganized (finally giving the Gombrowicz a home and restoring the finished copy of Between Parentheses to its brothers). No, I never finished Hopscotch, nor much of the Böll (although I did read Irish JournalThe Train Was on Time, and The Clown); I haven’t read Ferdydurke yet either.

5 thoughts on “Book Shelves #12, 3.18.2012”

    1. The Rings of Saturn.

      I like the Kafka and Stendahl sections of Vertigo very much as well. Austerlitz is very good, but it demands sustained concentrated attention (i.e., lots of time)—The Rings of Saturn is much looser and freer. But it’s all great stuff.


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