Book Shelves #18, 4.29.2012


Book shelves series #18, eighteenth Sunday of 2012.

Lots of issues of McSweeney’s on this shelf. I abandoned The InstructionsSome Tintin omnibuses. Crumb-illustrated Kafka bio. Bookended by Will Eisner’s masterwork A Contract with God:


A Chris Ware comic from McSweeney’s #13:


5 thoughts on “Book Shelves #18, 4.29.2012”

  1. Oh wait, says you abandoned it. How far did you get and why did you give it up? I had mixed feelings but pushed through to the end.


    1. Hey, Joey—I put my link to my review of it above in the post (it’s linked to the title). I was probably a bit harsh on it in retrospect. For whatever reason, I held on to it instead of trading it.


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