Drawing of a Flood — Leonardo da Vinci

3 thoughts on “Drawing of a Flood — Leonardo da Vinci”

  1. Looks just like that. Did you get wet, biblioklept? Live Oak made it onto the Weather Channel, which is its 15 minutes of fame, I suppose. I haven’t checked the Suwannee this morning yet, but no water is coming under the door. My garden is having a party now that it is wet and the sun is out.


    1. I went into the solarium to check on the river. It is up to the vegetation line on the banks. We got about 24″. Depending on how much comes down from the Okefenokee, the river probably hasn’t crested yet. Maybe the springs will start surging again and I won’t have to swim in the river and brave those man eating sturgeons. Sometimes these floods produce a plague of frogs and a writhing of snakes downstairs, but I imagine they are all enjoying a swim. Debbie’s not gone yet, you know. I think she likes it here.


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