Moby Dick (Unhyphenated Kids Book Acquired 6.30.2012)


I picked this one up a few weeks ago to add to a small collection of Moby-Dick adaptations. It’s especially weird: I can’t find the name of an illustrator or author anywhere (it doesn’t even mention Herman Melville!). The adaptation is also kinda weird, lingering on the gold piece scene. Anyway. Some of the pics are cool, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Moby Dick (Unhyphenated Kids Book Acquired 6.30.2012)”

  1. Nyuk nyuk…the illustrations look fantastic! By the sample page you posted the writing looks hilariously bad.
    “Call me Ishmael,” said Ishmael.
    “Avast ye oh Leviathan of the deep,” cried Ahab, turning to Queequeg with a neat pirouette on his wooden leg. ‘Queequeg! Launch thy harpoon! Drill thy iron shaft through the eye of this loathsome fish!”
    But Queequeg was gone and the Pequod sunk to its watery grave.


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