Smoking Makes You Look Cool (Part III)

Clarice Lispector
Clarice Lispector
Joseph Conrad
james baldwin
James Baldwin
Barry Hannah
Barry Hannah
art spiegelman
Art Spiegelman
paul bowles
Paul Bowles
langston hughes
Langston Hughes
images (1)
Patricia Highsmith

(Parts I and II (don’t worry, everyone already yelled at me re: “smoking unhealthy,” etc., and yes, whole post was probably just an excuse to run that pic of Lispector)).


10 thoughts on “Smoking Makes You Look Cool (Part III)”

  1. I am SO fond of smoking, the habit and context of le cigarette. Happy to see it praised. And Lispector….ah, what can one say? Total aspect – genius writer, thinker, beauty, sigh.


  2. I have not smoked for years, never really smoked I guess. When I did, I held it in a ivory carved cigarette holder. Just saying this makes me want to slap myself… it was always in a club with a drink in hand. And yes, the reason why? I thought it made me look sophisticated and cool. smh today.


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