Room in New York — Edward Hopper

10 thoughts on “Room in New York — Edward Hopper”

    1. Just looked at 200 (?) images of Hopper’s works. To state the obvious, methinks his mood was set by the light. Which could explain the cheerless grittiness of some of his NYC paintings. For which he seemed to compensate by the use of primary and bright colors. His oceanside paintings have soft color and gentle skies. His Indiana paintings are cheerful – ‘there’s no place like home’, I suppose.


  1. Hopper captures that grey bleakness of NYC very well. It looks as if he used Hell’s Kitchen for some of the atonal backgrounds, and further north on the west side for the better facades. This painting adeptly depicts the miasma outside a window frame away from invading the interior. seymourblogger has aroused my interest in Hopper’s European paintings. I was unaware of his having painted much in Europe.


  2. It shows us the dull, lonely around New York and emphasizes how life could be in in NYC. It may also show Hopper’s feelings around that he painted this and perhaps how his family life was.


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