A very incomplete list of good or adequate (and primarily indirect) 9/11 novels and short stories

The Names, Don DeLillo (1982)

In the Shadow of No Towers, Art Spiegelman (2004)

“The Suffering Channel,” David Foster Wallace (2004)

Falling Man, Don DeLillo (2007)

“The Vision of Peter Damien,” Chris Adrian (2008)

Open City, Teju Cole (2011)

Bleeding Edge, Thomas Pynchon (2013)

Preparation for the Next Life, Atticus Lish (2014)

“Doppelgänger, Poltergeist,” Denis Johnson (2017)

8 thoughts on “A very incomplete list of good or adequate (and primarily indirect) 9/11 novels and short stories”

      1. I enjoyed it. She reminds me a little bit of Houellebecq in the way she has these jaundiced narrators doing something to an extreme and also fearlessly skewering the way people fall in with whatever the current societal party lines are. Also she is unafraid to have a weird (aka non-traditional (traditional being “I learned something” or “I grew as a person”), nihilistic-type (but from this devastating wreckage a new beginning, of course)) ending.
        I never want to like the thing that most everyone is liking @ any given moment, but I’ve dug everything I’ve read by her, this, Eileen, and the short stories the most, I’d say. Funny riff on alternative dudes who read DFW pp 32-33, gets quoted a lot, but all the book is compelling, very satisfying.

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