The Pennants of Passive Attitudes and Emotions (William H. Gass)

(From William Gass’s 1995 novel The Tunnel; The Quarterly Conversation will lead a Big Read of The Tunnel starting next week).

3 thoughts on “The Pennants of Passive Attitudes and Emotions (William H. Gass)”

  1. I have the hardcover edition of this. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I learned that the paperback edition *doesn’t* reproduce all the drawings in color. I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but, seeing what you posted here, I gotta say the it loses a little bit of something in gray scale.


      1. Ha. I got the book five years ago, at a time when it was nearly impossible to find a paperback copy. I guess Dalkey was between print runs, so the paperback was temporarily out of print. Most places I looked at online were asking for absurd amounts of money for it; I sort of lucked into a like-new hardcover copy for $15.

        I’ve been thinking about revisiting The Tunnel. (Thugh I won’t have the chance to do it during this big read-through.) I found it magnificient and maddening in equal measure. For all its faults, it’s stuck with me in ways few books have.


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