Three Books


The Dick Gibson Show by Stanley Elkin. 1983 trade paperback by E.P. Dutton/Obelisk. Cover design by Janet Halverson.

I finished Elkin’s The Franchiser this week and started this one this week.


The Names by Don DeLillo. 1989 trade paperback by Vintage Contemporaries (God I love Vintage Contemporaries wonderful awful covers)God I love Vintage Contemporaries wonderful awful covers). COver design by Lorraine Louie employing an illustration by Marc Tauss.

I tried starting The Names after finishing The Franchiser, but took a pause…maybe I still have the bad taste of this recent DeLillo interview in my ears.


The Feud by Thomas Berger. First edition hardback by Delacorte Press, 1983. Jacket design and illustration by Fred Marcellino.

A colleague gave me this a few years ago, and I love the cover; Marcellino’s actually been featured in these Three Books posts a few times now—he did covers for Pynchon and Russell Hoban that I adore.

3 thoughts on “Three Books”

  1. I just finished the DeLillo interview and I don’t understand why it would leave a bad taste in your mouth. What did I miss?


    1. I thought the host’s questions were inane and then rude…also thought DdD came off a bit grumpy with his comments on the American future—but I think that was the host’s fault, not D’s.


      1. Oh. I thought it was one of the better interviews I’ve heard DeLillo give. Usually he is much more opaque and gnomic. As for his negativity about our future, well, I don’t think, in light of what our country has become, his negativity is unearned or unwarranted. But then again, I’m a grumpy old man myself. A grumpy old man who is tired of people staring at their black mirrors and then walking straight into him without saying excuse me or sorry.


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