Film Poster for Terrence Malick’s Badlands — Tomer Hanuka


Terence Malick’s Editor Billy Weber on the Art of Voiceover

“This Never Happened” — A Clip from Malick’s Badlands

“Love Is Strange” (Badlands)

Read a Rare 1974 Interview with Terrence Malick

If you’re a fan of Terrence Malick, you may know how hard it is to come across interviews with the director. In the interview, Malick talks in some depth about making his moving début Badlands. Kudos to All Things Shining for unearthing a rare 1974 interview from Filmmakers Newsletter. (Chain of Twitter thanks: @NekoCase, @kurt_loder, @Coudal).

Absence of Malick, Part One

Terrence Malick in Badlands

Here’s director Terrence Malick in his uncredited role in Badlands

Story behind the appearance, from this 2009 interview

Malick also tells us that “Badlands” features his one and only appearance as an actor. “This actor was supposed to show up at 9:30 in the morning for a small scene. We waited, the hours passed, and he didn’t show up. In the end we couldn’t afford to keep waiting, so I put on the cowboy’s hat and performed the part myself.”

“I prefer working behind the camera,” he added with a smile.