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William Gibson

Just out of high school, I had a mild obsession with William Gibson’s so-called cyberpunk novels. The first and most famous of these is Neuromancer, an incredibly prescient book that the Wachowski Bros. shamelessly ripped off in The Matrix. Neuromancer is the first in “The… Read More

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Foucault’s Pendulum — Umberto Eco

Go here to see a Foucault Pendulum at work. Snagged as part of the same cache from the Shinjuku-nishiguchi school that yielded Kinski Uncut. Not really a theft–I traded a VHS tape of a six-hour Cosby Show marathon into the book trade for these books. Foucault’s Pendulum is a detective story fertile with semiotic pranks–a… Read More

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Charles Bukowski

I must have been in the 1oth or 11th grade when I borrowed three Charles Bukowski novels from M***ael J***ings. These were: Women, easily my favorite and Bukowski’s best. I didn’t return this one. The short story collection, Tales of Ordinary Madness. I kept this one too, but… Read More