Flann O’Brien and Alasdair Gray (Books Acquired, 5.12.2012)


Picked up two more by Flann O’Brien after enjoying The Third Policeman so very much; thanks again to the reader suggestions on that one. The Poor Mouth has pictures:


I was looking for Alasdair Gray’s first novel Lanark (no dice), but picked up 1982 Janine read the back and immediately knew I had to have it.


I picked up Poor Things just to riffle a bit, and again, very intrigued. Also, another book with illustrations. Here’s one:


And, as I shot these outside in the cheap showiness of nature, here’s a picture of a large plant’s tumescent bloom, because hey why not:


5 thoughts on “Flann O’Brien and Alasdair Gray (Books Acquired, 5.12.2012)”

  1. Lanark isn’t really worth the slog, although it’s interesting. He begins like Bolaño and ends like Robert Jordan.


  2. I hope you enjoy the O’Briens – At Swim Two Birds is my favorite of his and long overdue a reread. I still remember being mortified by my outbreaks of laughter on a morning train when I read it the first time.
    I remember enjoying Lanark but it’s a bit hazy in my mind.


  3. I completely disagree with Jorge on Lanark, it remains one of my favorite novels (though I’m not the reader i once was). Unlikely Stories Mostly and the Fall of Kelvin Walker are also very good.


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