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The Never-Ending Torture of Unrest | Georg Büchner’s Lenz Reviewed

Composed in 1836, Georg Büchner’s novella-fragment Lenz still seems ahead of its time. While Lenz’s themes of madness, art, and ennui can be found throughout literature, Büchner’s strange, wonderful prose and documentary aims bypass the constraints of his era. Let me share some of that prose. Here is the opening paragraph of Lenz: The 20th, […]

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Nature’s Nightmare, A Study of David Foster Wallace’s Oblivion (Book Acquired, 10.12.2013)

I was psyched when Greg Carlisle’s Nature’s Nightmare: Analyzing David Foster Walalce’s Oblivion showed up in the mail. (You might recall Carlisle as the author of Elegant Complexity, a study of Infinite Jest). Blurb from publisher Slideshow Media Group: Carlisle gives an in-depth narrative analysis of each story: “Mr.… Read More

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List with No Name #10

1. 2666, Roberto Bolaño 2. The Pale King, David Foster Wallace 3.  Train Dreams, Denis Johnson 4. The Last Novel, David Markson 5. Samuel Johnson Is Indignant, Lydia Davis 6. Agapē Agape, William Gaddis 7. C, Tom McCarthy 8. No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy 9. Sandokan, Nanni Balestrini 10. Open City, Teju… Read More